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Amazon Associate by Wayne T. Dowdy

Being an Amazon Associate may be a worthwhile adventure for many who wish to earn additional income. This blog contains limited information and is only intended to let readers know that Amazon does do more than sell products.

The biggest drawback for Amazon Associates is that anyone who uses your promotional link must click to buy and pay for the item or service within 24-hours for you to earn the commission.

All affiliate marketing companies do not operate in the same manner. Subscribe to follow this blog for future Affiliate Marketing posts.

One convenient aspect is that if a person clicks to go to Amazon from your link, but does not purchase the product promoted, if they purchase another product and pays within the 24-hour period, you get Paid!

Amazon offers several promotions to allow approved participants to earn funds by promoting their products.

Amazon Bounty Program

The Amazon Bounty Program allows you to earn by promoting their services, such as Amazon Prime. Please check out any of the ones listed below that peeks your interest.

Product Ads

Native Shopping Ads

Another convenient resource to use is Native Shopping Ads. As seen below, Native Shopping ads create multiple product ads, and is one of many tools to use to help you earn extra cash.