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Selfie Ring Lights

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ZOOM meetings exploded after COVID-19 lead to lockdowns around the world. For those who use ZOOM or other similar public forums for conference calls or meetings, or for those who like to take selfies or need better lighting, Selfie Ring Lights with stands make a tremendous difference at creating better images.

Act fast to secure the sale price for a 10″ Selfie Ring Light that comes with a 50″ Extendable Tripod Stand and a Flexible Phone Holder for Live Streaming on ZOOM, Facebook, Instagram, TicTok, or any public forum.

Great for making YouTube Videos, too, or to use in the home to put on makeup!

For people who want to soar into entertainment, check out the INSEESII Ring Light for filming and more advanced uses to showcase images.

Several other Ring Lights are available to help make yourself and others to Shine Brighter than Stars on Social Media platforms.

Ring Lights make great gifts, too! If neither promoted item meets your need, click HERE for more.

If you don’t need a Ring Light and only need to take selfies with your phone, try this Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick.

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