The unusual grouping of these mushrooms captured my attention so I preserved the image with a snap of the camera lens to share with the world. by WTD4U

IMG_20191227_091456020_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20191226_175003538 by WTD4U

IMG_20191226_175838586 by WTD4U

IMG_20191226_180307728 by WTD4U

IMG_20191227_084623608_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20191226_182049156 by WTD4U

IMG_20191227_092842238_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20191227_092945923_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20191227_204845169 by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_185537089_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_190117811_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_195534644_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_195522376_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_185236049_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_193636068_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_200135883 by WTD4U

Holee Tree at Heritage Park by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_185537089_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_193815847_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20200321_194123057_HDR by WTD4U

07-03-2020 IMG_20200703_213228278-EFFECTS by WTD4U

IMG_20200709_204343791 by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Caught the cat walking under 300-year old Willow Oak Tree at Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

This old House is one piece of history preserved at Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia by WTD4U

IMG_20210130_175317898 by WTD4U

House Beside 300-year old Willow Oak Tree by WTD4U

IMG_20210130_174755714 by WTD4U

Veterans Museum at Heritage Park in McDonough Georgia by WTD4U

IMG_20210130_171840355 by WTD4U

I crept through the woods at Heritage Park to capture this shot. by WTD4U

Bent Tree Off Beaten Path by WTD4U

I tredged through underbrush to witness the beauty of the water holding the sky and trees. by WTD4U

The unusual shape of the tree captured my eye. by WTD4U

IMG_20210130_170735643 by WTD4U

I sat in my car to catch this shot of a food service worker sanitizing tables to fight the spread of COVID-19. by WTD4U

Captured a Man in the Mirror with Motorola One Zoom in Hand by WTD4U

Sitting in a Silver Honda CR-V and two others pull into same restaurant. by WTD4U

Big Springs Park in McDonough, Georgia is a beautiful place to sit and watch water shoot into the evening sky by WTD4U

I captured the siloette of these signs while getting a shot if the hawk flying away. by WTD4U

I saw this hawk land in the tree, so I parked my car to snap a few shots before it flew away with a mate. by WTD4U

Atlanta, GA by WTD4U

IMG_20210602_173050285_BURST001 by WTD4U

IMG_20210602_095248847_HDR by WTD4U

IMG_20210602_085642686 by WTD4U

IMG_20210602_083536945 by WTD4U

Bird in Sky by WTD4U

This Wise Owl guards the area with its keen eyes to keep away other birds from the dock and Sea-Doos. by WTD4U

I couldn't resist the urge of preserving the memory of the lake house with a shot from the second floor. by WTD4U

The array of Sunshine sparkling on the water captured my eye. I angled the lens to align the beam.  Shot from a Pontoon. by WTD4U

IMG_20190416_111832790 by WTD4U

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