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IMG_20190325_132746683 by WTD4U

I caught the American Robin taking a break on the head of the controversial Confederate General, John Brown Gordon. The equestrian statue was designed by WTD4U

IMG_20190325_133626248 by WTD4U

IMG_20190322_144624580 by WTD4U

IMG_20190327_184529867 by WTD4U

IMG_20190329_080045421 by WTD4U

Cruising Through Atlanta, Georgia on Interstate 75-85, March 2019. Ferris Wheel Demanded Attention by WTD4U

Walking down the Macon Street in McDonough, Georgia.  Had to Stop to Snap Photo of the Church at an Angle to Capture Different Parts of the Beautiful  by WTD4U

Photo  by WTD4U

Walking through the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, camera at the ready to fire, I am amazed at the beauty of its historic buildings and can't resis by WTD4U

I loved the message on the tower so much that I preserved it by capturing it's image on my cellphone camera. by WTD4U

I Caught the Tree Sunbathing by WTD4U

In this photo I captured the sun and the moon through the trees. by WTD4U

The color of these beautiful flowers caught my eye when I walked by: I couldn't resist the urge to preserve their beauty by snapping a photo. One by WTD4U

A loved one gave me the rock as a gift from his trip to the Promise Land.  What makes the rock unique is that upon examination of its shape, one would by WTD4U

My camera led me to my love with the elegance and beauty of this Calla Lily. by WTD4U

I snapped the photo and caught myself in the reflection of the story about the worst train wreck in Georgia history, where all but nine aboard the Sou by WTD4U

IMG_20190422_144521594 by WTD4U

IMG_20190422_144058731 by WTD4U

Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia provides a resting place for a replica of Southern Railroad Company's Engine #7, which lead the worst train c by WTD4U

I captured the beauty of Mother Nature spread throughout the limbs of this three hundred year old, Willow Oak, living at Heritage Park in McDonough, G by WTD4U

5.5MB.HeritageParkBldg.IMG_20190422_150843828 by WTD4U
Historic Church Mod.Downtown.ATL.IMG_20190322_141441449_TOP by WTD4U

4.9GB, BlueRidgeScienicRailway.IMG_20190507_123151566 by WTD4U
4.3MB.BlairsvilleBBQ.IMG_20190507_135548766 by WTD4U

6.9MB,BlueRidgeDam.IMG_20190507_142001014 by WTD4U

Patrick Henry (6.5) IMG_20190509_113306084 by WTD4U

Stopped in for some good food at Maritza & Frank's Restaurant in McDonough, Georgia and snapped this photo of their cute, little jet waiting  by WTD4U

The church sits on a hill in the North Georgia mountains where I once roamed when visiting relatives.  In those days, the structure was a tiny school; by WTD4U

4.3.BlueSmokeBBQ,BlueRidge.IMG_20190507_123235683 by WTD4U

The spider crept into my bedroom and found itself in an unusual position.  

I captured the image by creating a backdrop with water in a cup for the by WTD4U

I snapped this photo in April 2019 at Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia.  I love shots with sun shining through trees! by WTD4U
I couldn't resist snapping a photo when I saw the opportunity to capture the sun shining through trees above the custom lamp, as I walked through by WTD4U
I snapped a few shots and then the lizard turned and watched me for a few seconds as I continued to take more photos.  When I began the anole was a br by WTD4U
IMG_20190303_133343713_HDR-EFFECTS by WTD4U

IMG_20190507_174444469 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_160728651 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_205854897 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_210626980 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_210650951 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_212559389 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_214142346 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_160752670 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_164621456 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_164759415 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_165127254 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_170738450 by WTD4U

IMG_20190529_170850643 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_115346226 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_115833746 by WTD4U

IMG_20190531_205206039 by WTD4U

IMG_20190607_151923763 by WTD4U

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