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Groceries from Amazon

Amazon delivers groceries, too. Buying groceries from Amazon may be a way to reduce monthly or weekly costs because of the increase in fuel cost as the US economy continues its march into inflation territory.

Check the website and terms for free shipping and delivery to your address.

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Happy Father’s Day from WonderfulThingsDone

Being a Dad is not a walk in the Park, which is one reason to honor those who earn the title of Dad, Pop, or any other title given to him by loved ones.

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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers of the World who provide for their families, whether there is a biological connection or not, the one acting in the capacity of a father to his children deserves praise and an acknowledgement for the things he does because of his love and responsibilities.

For the single parent who fills both roles, a special thanks goes out to you. You’re the Best! May God give you the strength and resources you need to provide for your family.

Many good people go unnoticed who do not receive the praise deserved for the acts of love shown each day in their actions, not just in words. A title doesn’t matter. May the love you show come back to you ten-fold.

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